About Us

Igbo-ukwu Community Bank (Now Microfinance Bank Ltd) came into existence on 31st December 1992 after the Federal Government promulgated a degree for the establishment of community banks in 1992.

The bank aims at providing first class quality services to the Igbo-Ukwu community, help create or enhance the "savings habit" among the people.

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25+ years experience

Experienced Staff

Effective Management

Quality Services

How to operate an account with us

Step 1

Visit our Bank and collect our account opening forms or download it from Here.

Step 2

Fill our account opening forms and submit

Step 3

Deposit your funds to open the account.

Step 4

Your account number is generated within a day to enable you use the account.

Who we are

Our Vision

To operate as a friendly, profitable, robust and professional microfinance banks.

Our Mission

To grow the wealth of the stakeholders by providing specialized grass-root financial services through an establishment culture of dedication, hard work, loyalty, honesty and deep sense of responsibility.

Who we are

Igbo-ukwu Microfinance Bank Ltd. is a community based institution, that is helping to create and enhance savings culture amongst the rural community and harnessing their resources by way of deposits.

Our Goals

Is to help our community to create wealth and enhance savings culture among the rural dwellers and harnessing their resources through deposits mobilization.

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